Once in a while a game comes along that, while being quite obscure, is also quite good. So what is good about Cyborg Justice? And what is obscure about it?The plot of the main game goes something like this: while flying by a planet, your spacecraft loses control and crash-lands on the surface. While your body lies shattered, an alien implants your consciousness into a cyborg frame and erases your memory. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for the alien, the mind wipe wasn’t totally successful, so you decide to track down this alien for a bit of retribution.

We all know about beat-‘em-ups like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage where you can pick up various objects to help you on your quest. However, take that one step further. Envisage being able to beat someone up, rip their arm off, and use it in place of your own. Gross, eh? But shift that capability to powerful, unemotional cyborgs, with integrated weapons as arms (lasers, saws, crushers, fire sprays) and you get an amazing power up strategy element. Good, eh?

Levels are divided into three sections, and each section is just one big left to right scrolling landscape. Punch, kick, and shoot a series of baddies then fight the obligatory end of level boss. The moves and weapons may take some time to master, but the effort is worth it. This all sounds very formulaic, but this is very well done and the two-player option is an absolute hoot.

The sprites and animation, while not as polished as later Mega Drive releases, are slick enough, and, although the soundtrack is pretty poor, there are some good crunching sound effects accompanying the clash of metal and when arms are being ripped off. If there is any fault with the game, it’s the blandness of the backdrops and scenery. Still, it’s a great game, and that all important two player option extends the game’s lifeline even more. In addition to the normal two-player game, there’s also a duel option where you can go head-to-head. Where else can you experience such joy as ripping your friend’s arm off and see shocked expressions on their face? Excellent.


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  1. Renan Ribeiro Adão says:

    i am from brazil





  2. gnome says:

    A great write-up on a game I missed.

  3. Nreive says:

    A great underrated game. Although, that two-player dual option is lethal: you could literally end up fighting your best friend following some nasty on-screen limb “borrowing”.

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