Review: Blade Buster

[Duffman was persuaded back to playtest this fine shoot-‘em-up release for the Nintendo Famicom (aka the NES).] Developed by High Level Challenge, Blade Buster is essentially a classic style single player “score attack” shoot-‘em-up. Taking control of a small space ship, the player navigates the vertically scrolling screen, taking out enemy ships, picking up score bonuses, weapon upgrades, while avoiding oncoming laser fire and explosions. [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Cyborg Justice

Once in a while a game comes along that, while being quite obscure, is also quite good. So what is good about Cyborg Justice? And what is obscure about it?The plot of the main game goes something like this: while flying by a planet, your spacecraft loses control and crash-lands on the surface. While your body lies shattered, an alien implants your consciousness into a [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Syndicate

Civilisation has fallen into the hands of syndicates, who each control several countries of the world. Your mission is to take over the whole world by defeating the other syndicates. This is achieved by taking people from the streets and converting them to your cause with a conveniently placed chip to the back of the neck. You can now control these new recruits via satellite. [... read more ...]