Computer and Video Games' landmark issue 174 digitally archived

It’s fair to say that following the departure of the legendary Julian Rignall in the early 1990s, the world’s first dedicated videogaming magazine, Computer & Video Games, suffered badly. Despite the efforts of some well known editors and journalists, the magazine lost favour amongst its fans and they, like Rignall, departed for pastures new. Step in Paul Davies, who, within a few short months, was [... read more ...]

Retrocade Magazine launches

Retrocade Magazine has just premiered its first issue. With an emphasis on arcade gaming, the retrogaming ezine is available to purchase in PDF digital format for $4.99. I know what you’re thinking – well, we certainly were: “$4.99? This better be the best darned digital magazine ever.” And on first impressions – nice cover and great contents list – that was the case. Content wise, [... read more ...]

94 Super World Cup Soccer kicks off on the Master System

SMS Power continues its Autumn of Dumps with the unearthing of two elusive Korean Master System games. First up, and of most interest to us, is 94 Super World Cup Soccer which was developed by Open in 1994 – yes, they were developing Master System games in 1994. The 1994 World Cup may have had something to do with that as well, but, for obvious [... read more ...]

Dire Job (Trabajo Basura) released on ZX Spectrum

The Mojon Twins have been hard at work updating their La Churrera game engine for the ZX Spectrum with the release of v3.99. Not only that but they have spent two whole afternoons developing a new game to showcase this new engine. Trabajo Basura, which we are assured, translates as Dire Job, is a classic platform romp that all Mojon Twins fans will be familiar [... read more ...]

Komoda issue 5

We’ve mentioned the Commodore 64 retrogaming ezine, Komoda, before, but we must emphasize our delight when we see a new issue released, what with its classic retro graphics style design and content to match. It really is a must read. OK, it’s in Polish, but Google Translator (or a similar package) can be your best friend at times like these. Within the digital pages of [... read more ...]

GunLord Available to pre-order for Dreamcast and Neo Geo

With an emphasis on “exploring huge worlds and blasting off enemies”, GunLord bears more than a little reseblence to the Turrican series, and that’s no bad thing as the classic Commodore 64 run-’n’gun platformer is one of our favourite games. Developed by NG:DEV.TEAM, GunLord is available to pre-order for the Sega Dreamcast, Neo Geo MVS and Neo Geo AES. With features such as nine huge [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 104

Just seeing the catchphrase “Who You Gonna Call?” as the sub-title of this week’s Retro League podcast stopped us in our tracks and we pricked up our ears. We’re massive fans of the Ghostbusters film and the many video games that has materialised over the years – as our big feature in Retroaction issue 3 can testify to – so this alone made the download [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Roundup 40

We hit number 40 of the Retrogaming Roundups and the monthly podcast is as fresh and interesting as ever, with news, discussion, and interviews on all things classic gaming. This month’s returning sections include Hardware Flashback with the Williams PHOF, Guinness Gaming Records, Top Ten with Game Controllers, The British Hour and more. This edition also includes features such as part two of an editorial [... read more ...]

Prince of Persia Finally Gets Ported To The Commodore 64

It’s astonishing to think that Jordan Mechner’s 1989 platform game, Prince of Persia – famous for its fluid animated rotoscoping visuals and matching gameplay – was never given a release on the Commodore 64, and yet that was the case. According to Mechner, he couldn’t get anyone to port his game to the C64 as the 8-bit machine was deemed too old in 1989. Step [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age Volume 5 Issue 3

With Volume 5 Issue 3, NintendoAge displays a superb new look – very retro. The videogaming ezine, which is getting back into its monthly release, contains articles on everything to do with Nintendo, from articles to reviews. This issue’s main feature is Action 52, an article on the quest to find a copy of the unlicensed NES cart compilation. Other articles include Final Fantasy II, [... read more ...]

Super Play Issue 6 Digitally Archived

If you still haven’t read or even heard of the cult classic gaming magazine Super Play then hang your head in shame. Fortunately, you can redeem yourself by quickly reading up on the magazine’s history at Wikipedia, then the fantastic behind the scenes feature at Nintendo Life, then take a look at Richard Cobbett’s lookback at the classic mag, and check out all the previous [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer Issue 95

Classic video game anniversaries seem to be popping up all over the place these days, and with issue 95 of Retro Gamer, the guys have gone Bubble Bobble crazy as the arcade hit celebrates its 25th. This includes a look at the original arcade classic as well as the various ports and sequels. Other main attractions include the Collector’s Guide: ZX Spectrum, The History Of [... read more ...]

ZX Spectrum Gamer Launches

The ZX Spectrum was incredibly popular during the 8-bit computer scene in the 1980s, so much so that there have been countless magazines, fanzines and ezines published for it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in the gaming scene and all those zines have mostly disappeared by now, but now the makers of PC Engine Gamer have stepped forth to quench the thirst of eager Spectrum gamers [... read more ...]

The original GameFan magazine now available in digital format

The original GameFan magazine, initially known as Diehard GameFan, was first launched in 1992 with the October 1992 issue. Led by editor-in-chief, Dave Halverson, the multi-format magazine quickly gained a well founded reputation for championing the lesser known genres, the obscure or underrated games, as well as having a good dose of import content – something which other mags seemed to shy away from. Then [... read more ...]

Back In Time: October 1991

“So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me, I’ll be back in time…” Yup, it’s time to “get back in time” (yes, thank you, Huey), to exactly twenty years this month to take a nostalgic look at the videogaming magazines of October 1991. This was a time of sadness and uncertainty for many 8-bit magazines as one of the major publishers [... read more ...]