Classic L337 episode 50

Classic L337 celebrates its 50th episode this week. The weekly videogaming podcast features the best of both worlds, with Tony covering modern gaming and Scott covering retrogaming. This week’s interviews include Zebbe of Pier Solar (the fabulous recently released Mega Drive/Genesis game), Leo Nigro (Cheif Technology Officer of Commodore USA), Jay and Aaron (owner and editor-in-chief respectively) from and Lauren Berggren (aka L337Lauren). Also [... read more ...]

RetroGaming Roundup 30

RetroGaming Roundup is one of the regular podcasts that we listen to at Retroaction, and with good reason, because it’s an excellent production with a fine selection of topics and news on all things retrogaming. In RetroGaming Roundup #30, guys discuss their Top Ten Pinball Machines with the usual hilarious results. Other regular sections this month include Hardware Flashback (Make the Nintendo Wii a Cartridge Based [... read more ...]

Golden Axe Myth released on PC

Golden Axe Myth is a PC Windows fanmade prequel to Sega’s classic side-scrolling brawler. The three main characters from the original classic – Ax Battler, Tyrus Flare and Gilius Thunderhead – are present along with a fourth surprise playable character. Their task: take on the evil that has crept into the Empire of the Joined Lands and retrieve the stolen Golden Axe. Based on the [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 80

The 80th episode of The Retro League is available to download. The weekly retrogaming podcast features news, reviews, articles and more and is available to download for free. This week the team discusses favourite games from 1980 with the likes of Missile Command (Arcade), Zork (Apple II) and Berzerk (Arcade). Other topics include Virtually Retro (Mega Man X (Virtual Console) and Final Fantasy IV: The [... read more ...]

H.E.R.O. remade for PC

The classic Atari 2600 game H.E.R.O. (Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation) has been remade on the PC Windows platform. Just like the original game, the player uses a helicopter backpack to enter an underground network of mines to rescue trapped victims, while fending off various creatures and clearing obstacles. This freeware fanmade remake attempts to recreate the Atari-XL version from scratch – there is no emulation [... read more ...]

Komoda issue 4

The fourth issue of Commodore 64 retrogaming zine Komoda has been released. This issue the Komoda team cover all the latest news and articles on the C64 scene as well as reviews of classic C64 games including Frankenstein, Grand Prix Circuit, Katakis and Uridium. The PDF zine can be downloaded for free from the C&A Fan website. Weblink: Komoda issue 4 webpage

Cray 5 released on ZX Spectrum

Released just a few days ago on the ZX Spectrum 128k and ZX Spectrum 3+ platforms was Cray 5. Developed by the Spanish coders Retroworks, Cray 5 is based on the 1987 classic Amstrad CPC game by Topo Soft. The game places you in the 22nd century where, during a humanitarian mission, your spaceship is hit by an asteroid and it’s your objective to prevent [... read more ...]

Missile Madness released on Commodore 64

The second entry into the Sideways Seuck Compo 2011 is Missile Madness from legendary SEUCK coder Alf Yngve. It’s a time of war, nuclear war, and it’s your task as the Air Force Captain to manage the country’s missile defences. This means guiding the surface-to-air missiles to destroy any incoming warheads. Just make sure you aim carefully as each enemy missile that hits the ground [... read more ...]

Flawshow released on Commodore 64

Flawshow is the first entry into the Commodore 64 Sideways Seuck Compo 2011. Although Flawshow is based on the, erm, revealing kind of games like Lady Killer, this Anthony Burns production does not feature any of those game’s full on rewards. The game’s plot follows the exploits of an unfortunate programming genius who unwittingly had a swarm of sentient computer viruses invade his computer. To [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 78

This week the Retro League podcast discuss sequels that should have been made, Virtually Retro (Streets of rage Remake (PC), Rush ‘n Attack: Ex-Patriot (PSN, XBLA)), news (Super Mario movie remake, the all-new C64), Games of the Week (Tower of Doom (Intellivision), Adventure (Atari 2600), Castlevania: The Adventure (Game Boy)). This and more can be heard on this week’s episode which can be downloaded for [... read more ...]

C&A Games issue 3

The third issue of C&A Games has been released. The spin-off from Polish publication C&A Fan is dedicated to Commodore gaming with news, reviews, interviews and more. This issue Polish readers – and others with patience to translate the articles – can look forward to reading the likes of Flimbo’s Quest, Predator, Night of the Ninja, Berzerk MMX, Final Fight, Uwol, as well as articles [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 3

Another fine issue of RetroManiac has hit the virtual shelves. This is the third issue of Spanish language retrogaming zine, which covers both classic and modern retro with news, previews, reviews and more. Taking centre stage on the front cover and the main review is Donkey Kong Country Returns. There are also reviews of La Corona Encantada, Hard Corps Uprising, Final Fantasy II, Lara Croft [... read more ...]

PWND 2 released on MSX

The MSxdev’11 game making competition for the MSX computer is up and running and the first entry is in. PWND 2 is a Nibbles clone, which in turn is a Snake variant game, which was developed by Vampier. While the original game was created in BASIC with 16 Kb ROM, this sequel uses Assembler and comes in at under 8 Kb. The game can be [... read more ...]

Back in Time: April 1991

We head back to April 1991 for another lookback at the pick of the classic videogaming magazines from that month. This was a time when a Brat caused a stir on the Amiga, Super Cars returned to the 16-bit track for another lap, Hero Quest made its successful transition from board game and Gauntlet made its successful transition into 3D…. To accompany the main article, [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 88

With issue 88 of monthly classic videogaming mag, Retro Gamer goes Missile Command mad with a Making of… article on the game as well as an exclusive interview with creator Dave Theurer and a Coin-Op Capers article on the classic arcade game. There is also the History of Road Rash (with Randy Breen, who was involved in every Road Rash title), From the Archives: Firebird, [... read more ...]