Heroes Arena wins MSXDev10

Heroes Arena, a futuristic tennis style game developed by Imanok, has won the MSXDev10 game-making competition. Not only was the game voted in at first place overall, but also came away with ‘Game with Best Graphics’, ‘Most Polished Game’ and ‘Most Original Game’ awards, sharing the latter. Zombie Near, an arcade style shoot-’em-up from Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, came second and also shared ‘Most Original Game’ [... read more ...]

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 3 digitally archived

Another official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming been digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming (aka MAG) was launched during the rising popularity of Sega’s 16-bit console in 1992 and endured through to the machine’s decline in 1995. Issue 3 of MAG, which was originally published in November 1992, features a cover review of Thunder Storm FX on the Mega CD, as [... read more ...]

King's Quest III Redux released on PC & Mac

AGD Interactive has released the eagerly anticipated adventure game King’s Quest III Redux on PC and Mac. The original King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human was released on the Apple II and PC back in 1986 by Sierra Online and tells the story of a kidnapped boy called Gwydion, who escapes and travels back to his home town of Daventry to discover his origins. [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 71

The Retro League – We’re not for hipsters is available to download. The weekly retrogaming podcast contains news, articles, random links and more. This week the team revisit an underrated SNES RPG called Robotrek, take a lookback at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan on the Game Boy, as well as look at the latest ‘Virtually Retro’ releases for DSiWare, PSN and [... read more ...]

Original Fire Emblem receives English translation

Fans of the Fire Emblem series and strategy games in general are in for a treat as the original Fire Emblem game has been translated into English thanks to two enthusiastic fans Quirino and HHHIII. Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ry? to Hikari no Tsurugi (translated to Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light) was released on the Famicom and remained a Japanese exclusive game until now. [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 28

The monthly retrogaming podcast mark their second anniversary with this show. As usual, expect to listen to all the latest happenings from the world of retrogaming with news, views, URLs and emails. In other regular sections, ‘Hardware Flashback’ looks back at The FX Chip, while the team’s ‘Top Ten…’ this month focuses on Nintendo 64 Games. Always a great listen, Retrogaming RoundUp #28 A Yeasty [... read more ...]

PC Engine Gamer issue 4

This is a publication that I’ve been meaning to discuss for some time now. PC Engine Gamer is an online digital retrogaming zine which is naturally dedicated to NEC’s underrated PC Engine console. So what can we expect to see in issue 4? Well, expect to read the latest PC Engine news in ‘Newstopia’, a retrospective review of Monster Lair (aka Wonder Boy III), there’s [... read more ...]

Back in Time: February 1991

Another month, another Back in Time article where I go back twenty years this month to reminisce through the classic videogaming magazines of the time. As regular readers may noticed, I’ve re-designed the format of the article somewhat. This means that the most interesting or standout magazine from each format (Multi, Spectrum, C64, etc.) for the month will be covered. This may mean fewer magazines [... read more ...]

Sub Hunter converted to the Amstrad CPC

Sub Hunter is an excellent Commodore 64 shoot-’em-up/rescue game (read our review of the game in issue 1), developed by Richard Bayliss & Frank Gasking and released through Psytronik, so it’s fantastic news to hear that it has been ported over to the Amstrad CPC. Paul Kooistra, who has such recent CPC hits as Star Sabre and Dead on Time has done a fantastic job [... read more ...]

The Retro League Episode 70

The Retro League episode 70 – “Team Squall” is available to download. The weekly podcast features news, articles and links to all things retrogaming. This week the team discuss Final Fantasy VIII, the weirdest games and trying to figure out what the controversy was surrounding the Sega (Mega) CD game Night Trap (check out Retroaction issue 2 for our own article on this subject). Regular [... read more ...]

Classic L337 Episode 39

Classic L337 Episode 39 – “Better Late Then Never” has been released. Hosted by Tony Stemen & Scott Lammers, Classic L337 is a weekly videogaming podcast that covers both retro and modern gaming. In this episode, Tony discusses gaming in the news, while Scott has a question about Super Mario 3. Links discussed in the show include Midway’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 N64, Super Meat [... read more ...]

Lady Kakerlak released on C64

Lady Kakerlak has beeb released on the Commodore 64 courtesy of DATA-LAND. This is essentially an update of Lady Bug, a classic C64 Pac-Man style arcade conversion. However, this version comes with multiple levels plus an excellent editor to create your very own levels. The game is freely available to download from the CSDb, so if you’re after some old-school gaming, check it out. Weblink: [... read more ...]

Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Battle Lane Vol. 5!

[Continuing our reminiscence of Retroaction's launch two years ago, we take a look at the very first 'Raider of the Lost Arcades' article, which was first published in issue 1.] Arcade gaming used to be a staple diet for most gamers across the land, with such great innovative games like Space Harrier, OutRun, Operation Wolf and many more showing the way forward for computer and [... read more ...]

Raze issue 4 Archived

Another official digital release of Raze has been archived over at Out-of-Print Archive, courtesy of Roger Kean (the former co-founder of Newsfield Publications who granted us permission to host his back catalogue of magazines), Mort (who scanned the magazine) and triverse (who edited this release). Raze issue 4 was originally released in February 1991 when the Amiga, Atari ST and PC reigned supreme across the [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 69

The Retro League episode 69 – Get your old-school kicks is available to download. The weekly retrogaming podcast main topic this week is multi-joystick fighters. Regular sections include Games of the Week (Power Blade and Karate Champ), Virtually Retro (7th Guest for iPod/iPad, Bust a Move for iPod/iPad, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and more) as well as email links and other retro goodness. Weblink: The [... read more ...]