Back in Time: December 1990

‘Back in Time’ is a monthly feature I do for Out-of-Print Archive where I look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. Back in December 1990, Robocop 2 began patrolling the gaming streets, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began their invasion onto all the major formats, Creatures invested the Commodore 64 and Narc started shooting up a storm on the [... read more ...]

Pier Solar released on Mega Drive/Genesis

Pier Solar and the Great Architects, which has been in development by WaterMelon since 2004, has finally been released on Mega Drive/Genesis platform. This is a turn-based RPG game where the player controls Hoston, who embarks on an epic journey to find a cure for his ill father. With 64 meg of gaming power, innovative game design and the best 16-bit visuals to set foot [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 34

The Lotek64 December 2010 issue has been released. Lotek64 is a quarterly German retrogaming ezine with an emphasis on the Commodore 64. Highlights this issue includes ‘Monsters of 8 Bit’ article, Alien vs. Predator (Jaguar), Retro Treasures: Super Noah’s Ark 3D, EarthBound: A Retrospective, Daze Before Christmas and more. The ezine can be downloaded for free in PDF format from either the Lotek64 home page [... read more ...]

Nintendo Magazine System issue 11

Nintendo Magazine System issue 11 has been digitally archived over at Out-of-Print Archive, courtesy of Mort (who donated the scans) and triverse (who edited them). As expected, this release from August 1993 comes with a selection of four online articles as a taste of the magazine. These include Mortal Kombat, Shadowrun, Super Mario All-Stars and Super Turrican, all on the Super Nintendo. Weblink: Nintendo Magazine [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 2

We joyfully praised the launch of RetroManiac issue 1 a few months back and the team have now published issue 2. So, how does this issue fare? Well, the production qualities haven’t changed, which is good, as they are truly excelent. The team clearly have a designer who knows how to produce a finely balanced editorial/image production, taking advantage of the digital functions of the [... read more ...]

N64 Magazine issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

The second issue of N64 Magazine from May 1997 has just been archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. The N64 focused magazine was the spiritual successor to the classic Super Play, retaining much of the feel of that magazine along with some familiar staff. Thanks to meppi, who scanned and edited this release, we can all relive this classic magazine once more. The release comes with [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 60

The Retro League episode 60 – Going Bananas for Donkey Kong has been released. The weekly podcast features news and discussion on all things retrogaming, with regular sections such as ‘Virtually Retro’, ‘News’, ‘The Price is Wrong’, ‘Email Links’ and more. This week’s episode includes news on PlayStation 2 TV, Humoring Hemrawc with a Pier Solar update, People Buying Donkey Kong Country Returns with Bananas… [... read more ...]

Batman Remake released on PC

The classic Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond 8-bit isometric puzzle adventure has been remade for the PC thanks to the Retrospec team (known for remakes of other classics such as Atic Atac, Chuckie Egg, Head Over Heels, Klass of 99, Lunar Jetman, Manic Miner, Wizball and much more). Coded by Tomaz Kac, the remake faithfully keeps the retro feel of the original while providing a [... read more ...]

The Rise and Fall of EMAP's Videogame Magazine Empire

Following my article on Future Publishing, I thought it was about time to do one on EMAP. Launching the world’s first dedicated games mag, C&VG, to producing such greats as Sinclair User, Commodore User, The One, Mean Machines, Sega Saturn Magazine, Maximum and more, EMAP was surely one of the publishing greats at the height of classic gaming magazines. Weblink: The Rise and Fall of [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 46

Issue 46 of Commodore Free has been released. The monthly retrogaming ezine covers news, articles and interviews on all things Commodore and comes in PDF, HTML, D64 (C64 disk), Text or Seq formats. This issue’s highlights include news on 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (a forthcoming C64 game), The Richard Joseph Tribute, Amiga Hostile Breed preserved, Interview with Joan Malé, MCC-216 Review, Not Just Another D64 Viewer [... read more ...]