RetroGaming Roundup 25

RetroGaming RoundUp 025 Hit The Mute has been released. The monthly retrogaming podcast contains news, articles, discussion and more on all things classic gaming. Highlights of the show include ‘Hardware Flashback’, ‘Top Ten Banned Controversial Games’, ‘It Came From MAME’ and much more. The download comes in either high quality or 16k versions, as well as an outtakes download. All of which can be found [... read more ...]

Nintendo Magazine System issue 10

Nintendo Magazine System issue 10 from July 1993 has been archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. Nintendo Magazines System, or just NMS, was EMAP’s officially endorsed Nintendo magazine from the early nineties and an offshoot from the legendary Mean Machines. As well as the full download, there are four online articles as a taster of the magazine itself: Mega Man 4 (NES), Super Bomberman (SNES), WWF [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 58

The Retro League episode 58 – ‘Play this and shut up’ is available to download. The weekly retrogaming podcast discusses all things classic gaming and this week it’s a Commodore 64 special. Other sections include ‘Virtually Retro: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX’, ‘The Price is Wrong’ look at “Sonic X-Treme SEGA Saturn – The REAL SAMPLE” and “VERY Rare Atari Jaguar Portable Game System WORKING”, as [... read more ...]

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle released on C64

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle “follows Nanako and her quest to rescue her younger sister, Mya, who has got herself into a bit of bother involving dark magic and an evil tower”. This means platforming, puzzling fun as you advance the 25 odd levels to reach your goal. I’m getting deja vu all over again… Yep, having been available on the Spectrum for around [... read more ...]

Back in Time: November 1990

SWIV shot up the opposing shoot-‘em-ups on the Amiga, Midnight Resistance run-‘n’-gunned its way from the arcades onto the C64, Speedball 2 made for a brutal futuristic sport on the Atari ST and Rick Dangerous began his multi-format domination in his multi-accolade winning sequel. All this must mean it’s time for another visit ‘Back in Time’. ‘Back in Time’ is my monthly article over at [... read more ...]

Genesis: Dawn Of A New Day released on ZX Spectrum

Dorks from outer space have invaded Earth and it’s your job as an ace space pilot to take them down. To defeat them, you will need to gather all the parts to a “definitive weapon” called the Genesis. This means good old shoot-’em-up fun through five planets before you can take on the might of the Dorks. utopian had started development on this ZX Spectrum [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 83

Wow, it only seems like a couple of weeks since I got the last issue of Retro Gamer, but it’s probably more realistically four weeks. With issue 83, Retro Gamer have gone all Nintendo crazy again fronted by cover feature ‘Going Ape – The History of Donkey Kong Country’ and the Nintendo loving continues with ‘Coin-Op Capers: Donkey Kong’. Also featured inside is ‘A Moment [... read more ...]

Komoda issue 3

The Komoda Team has released their third issue of Komoda. The Polish retrogaming ezine covers C64 gaming with reviews, interviews and more. With this issue there is a fantastic new design for the ezine and it does look great. Highlights inside the issue include an interview with C64 game developer Richard Bayliss, articles on Firetrap, Mr. Do, Joe Gun, Led Storm, Warhawk, Uwol – Quest [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 56

The Retro League episode 56 – Lumpy Filler has been released. The weekly podcast contains news, features, links, discussions and more on all things retrogaming. Highlights this episode are Final Fantasy III, Intellivision collections, Games of the Week: Gorillas (PC), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Atari 2600) and Cobra Triangle (NES). The podcast, including previous episodes, can be downloaded from the Retro League website [... read more ...]

Mission2Mir released on MSX

Mission2Mir is a new entry into the ongoing MSXdev competition 2010, which is nearing its deadline. The game, which was developed by ray2day, is a classic style shoot-‘em-up game where the player defends the last existing MSX in the universe from invading aliens. The game’s ROM, manual, inlay artwork and more can be found at the Mission2Mir section on the MSXdev Competition 2010 webpage. Weblink: [... read more ...]

MegaTech issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

Another world exclusive for Out-of-Print Archive as they release the first issue of MegaTech, thanks to meppi, who scanned and edited the magazine. MegaTech, which was launched with editor Paul Glancey, was EMAP’s Mega Drive dedicated videogaming magazine and the company’s first publciation to use high quality production values such as super A4 glossy paper and digital screen capturing. As usual, the release comes with [... read more ...]

Nintendo Magazine System issue 7 at Out-of-Print Archive

The January 1993 issue 7 of classic gaming magazines Nintendo Magazine System has been released over at Out-of-Print Archive, thanks to Mort, who donated the scans, and triverse, who edited them. Nintendo Magazine System was published by EMAP during the early to mid 1990s, was officially endorsed by Nintendo and covered the NES, SNES and Game Boy. To accompany the release of issue 7 at [... read more ...]

The Retro League epsiode 55

  The Retro League episode 55 – And the winner is… is available to download. As the sub-title suggests, this episode reveals the winner of the one-year anniversary prize – a boxed copy of Samurai Showdown III for the Neo Geo. The Retro League team also talk about the listeners’ favorite Halloween games, revisit the Nintendo World Championships, discuss Atari’s Haunted House Revived for PC, [... read more ...]

QUOD INIT EXIT released on C64

Two years in the making, saimo – who also produced the excellent BOH – has just completed the final version of QUOD INIT EXIT, with help from Richard Bayliss and Scene World Magazine on the music. This colourful C64 platforming game has a little pig as the main character as the player guides him through the game, jumping through the levels to collect the various [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 45

Commodore Free issue 45 has been released. The monthly retrogaming zine covers the Commodore range of computers and is available in PDF, HTML, D64 (C64 disk), SEQ and text formats. Highlights this month includes news, Commodore Programming, Commodore Computer Club USA, Interview with Sean – CCC USA, DotBASIC, The Atari Arcade DotBASIC Project and the return of ‘Back to the Past: Issue 6, March ’07′, [... read more ...]