Retrogaming Times Monthly 77

Retrogaming Times Monthly October 2010 is now online. The monthly HTML zine can be read online or downloaded to read offline anywhere. Highlights this month includes ‘Vectrexenstein – Berzerk’, ‘Apple II Incider – Transylvania’, ‘Dual Perspective – Ghosts ‘n Goblins’, ‘Mutated Output: Lame Anniversaries & Geek Role-Playing’ and more. RTM has now been running for 157 months and previous editions can be found in the [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 44

Commodore Free issue 44 Sepember 2010 is out now. Commodore Free is a freely available ezine that covers all things Commodore. The ezine can be downloaded in PDF, html, text, d64 (C64 disk format), or seq formats. Previous issues can also be downloaded from the archive section. Included this issue is VIC20 New Game: Pillow Fight, UWOL Quest For Money (C64), Commodore Computer Club Update, [... read more ...]

Digitising Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1 for official release

To coincide with the “official” release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1, as well as the UK’s 10th anniversary of the Mega Drive, we take a look at what went into digitizing this magazine. If you’re in the dark where “Mega Drive Advanced Gaming” (MAG from now on) and “official” releases are concerned then go check out Out-of-Print Archive’s interview with Hugh Gollner, the publisher/owner of Maverick Magazines [...]