Oddi the Viking released on ZX Spectrum

When I look at that screenshot I immediately think of the classic isometric adventure games from Ultimate. However, Oddi the Viking is a puzzle game that was developed by the Spanish software team at Digital Brains. The ZX Spectrum game is available to download freely from the World of Spectrum website in 48k or 128k versions. Weblink: Oddi the Viking at World of Spectrum

Review: Classic Gamer Magazine vol 3 issue 1

We’ve had quite a few new retrogaming ezines released in the past few weeks. First there was Retromaniac (which we reviewed here, followed by Atari User (which we also looked at here, and now we a new issue of Classic Gamer Magazine. The last issue of Classic Gamer Magazine was released back in 2004. Six years is a long time, an eternity in retrogaming terms, [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp 23 September 2010

Retrogaming RoundUp 23 – September 2010, sub-titled The Unintellect, is available to download now. Retrogaming RoundUp is a monthly podcast featuring news, topics, links, features and more on all things retrogaming. This month the RoundUp team discuss gaming on real or emulated hardware, the top ten games this month, Atar-Rewind, Hardware Flashback, Top Ten Intellivision Games, Gaming Trivia, News And Mailbag and much more. The [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 50

The Retro League: Episode 50 – Fifty Games (you probably haven’t played) is available to download. The weekly retrogaming podcast features regular news, links and features on all things retro. To celebrate reaching episode 50, the guys host a special segment title “fifty games you probably haven’t played”, which includes various games from the PC right up to the Dreamcast. The ‘Virtually Retro’ segment looks [... read more ...]

Mean Machines issue 4 released at Out-of-Print Archive

Mean Machines was a leading multi-format gaming console magazine published by EMAP during the early ninties, eventually splitting into Mean Machines Sega and Nintendo Magazine System. Besides being a hugely influential magazine with authoritive coverage, Mean Machines had some damn fine gaming journalists through its run, with the likes of Julian Rignall (launch editor), Richard Leadbetter, Paul Davies, Radion Automatic and Gus Swan. And now, [... read more ...]

Horace in the Mystic Woods released on ZX Spectrum

We’ve all got lost in the woods at one time or another – I now I have – and now Horace has found himself in a similar predicament. Not only is Horace lost, though, but the “mystic woods” seem to be conspiring against him, resulting in Horace wandering around in, what seems to be, endless circles. Oh, my god, it’s the Blair Witch Project all [... read more ...]

Review: Atari User issue 1

Atari User have just launched their inaugural issue 1 (vol 1). No, not that Atari User, this Atari User, a brand new, completely different edition with the same name. However, just like the Atari User of old, this new ezine covers all things Atari, from the classic gaming consoles to the home computers, with the likes of news, features and reviews. Issue 1 of the [... read more ...]

Retro League episode 49

The Retro League episode 49 – 25 Years of Mario Mania is now available to download. Mario is celebrating his 25th anniversary at the moment so the Retro League guys pay homage to the Italian plumber in a host of discussions and website links. As usual there are the regular sections ‘Virtually Retro’, ‘The Price is Wrong’, ‘Game of the Week’ and news, featuring the [... read more ...]

Back in Time: September 1990

‘Back in Time’ is my monthly feature over at Out-of-Print Archive where I look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. This month, it’s September 1990 when the likes of Computer & Video Games reigned supreme as the leading multi-format magazine, Amstrad launched their new GX4000 games console, The Games Machine magazine bowed out, and a sleek black 16-bit gaming [... read more ...]

Ratbox released on MSX

  Ratbox is the third entry into the MSXDev’10 game making competition, which doesn’t close until 31 January 2011. The retro style arcade game from Italian programmer Andrea Gasparinni has the player controlling a rat with the task of collecting coins while avoiding the enemy and traps. The game is available to download for free from the MSXDev’10 webpages. Weblink: http://msxdev.msxblue.com/?p=841

Retro Gamer issue 81

It was with mixed feelings that I laid eyes on issue 81 of Retro Gamer. Joy that Laser Squad, one of my favourite games, featured on the front cover along with an excellent interview with Julian Gollop, and slight disappointment that I had something similar planned for Retroaction over a year ago, but it was not to be, despite laying most of the ground work [... read more ...]

NintendoAGE Volume 4 Issue 8

The September 2010 issue of NintendoAGE, Volume 4 Issue 8, is available to download. NintendoAGE is a monthly ezine covering all things Nintendo. This month, content includes ‘Passing the Batton. Another generation dies’, a look at Super Mario Bros 2, ‘A Buyer’s Gudie to Negotiating’, and, of course, the NA ‘Price Guide’. Weblink: http://www.nintendoage.com/

The Retro League episode 48

The Retro League episode 48 – Disappointing Games is available to download. The Retro League is a weekly retrogaming podcast and as the sub-title suggests, this episode’s main theme is disapointing games. Also featured this episode is Virtually Retro, News, The Price is Wrong, Email links, Random links and more. [...]

Racketboy Podcast #16

Racketboy Podcast #16 is available to download. This episode focuses on Urban Strike, which was Racketboy’s Together Retro game for the month, and the Strike series as a whole, with interviews from Mike Posehn & Dave Foley. [...]

Retro (Dis)Respect: Last Ninja 2

Amstrad Action, the first magazine from Future Publishing, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week and to celebrate that fact, we’re featuring articles specifically related to the Amstrad’s number one magazine all week. Today, we take a look at one of the two high profile games that famously didn’t make the ‘Action Test’ section of Amstrad Action… [...]