South Africa World Cup 2010 Microprose Soccer

  Mircoprose Soccer, which was developed by Sensible Software, is often hailed as the forerunner to the excellent Sensible Soccer and is a great little game in itself. With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa nearing, the classic soccer game has been updated by AEG Soft for the C64 to include the latest international teams and skill levels. A fine update of a classic [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly 73

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 73, June 2010, is available to read online. The monthly online ezine covers retrogaming news, reviews and articles. The current issue, and previous ones, can be found at the website. Highlights this issue include: Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man! Hack The Pac: Explaining/Modifying The Code of Google Pac-Man My Mid-Life Crisis Is Sponsored By The Sega Master System Atari 5200 Zone – [... read more ...]

Retro Future - Celebrating 25 Years of Future Publishing

     To celebrate Future Publishing’s 25th anniversary, Out-of-Print Archive traces the birth and rise of one of the world’s most famous and successful magazine publishing companies. Future Publishing will always have a place in my heart, mainly due to my first ever computing magazine being Amstrad Action and one of my all time favourite magazines, MEGA, both being published by Future. Some time ago, I [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 33

The Retro League episode 33 – Breaking controllers is now available to download. The Retro League is a weekly retrogaming podcast with news, auction discussion, links and more. Content in this episode includes: News People Play Games video game store 15 Most Annoying levels in video game history Ebay crazy-ness Virtual Boy gets no love from Time magazine NES stop motion Youtube video Mario Kart: [... read more ...]

Donkey Kong remake

Everyone knows the classic Donkey Kong arcade game and everone knows that the Amstrad CPC Donkey Kong is the best 8-bit arcade conversion ever (just ask Staurt Campbell). Well, if you thought that the CPC version was good, things are looking even better with Mick Farrow’s remake. Check out the game discussion and download link over at Retro Remakes’ forum. Weblink:,1736.0.html

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy remake

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, eh? What a great TV show and what a fine adventure game. That was then, this is now. The original game, which was released by Infocom in 1984, was a text adventure, but the remake uses a point and click interface. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy remake was developed by the development team at H2G2, which consists of [... read more ...]

Adventure In Time released on Commodore Plus/4

Yes, that’s right, a new game released on the underrated Plus/4. Created by K. Róbert with music by C. Luca and released by Assassins. Adventure In Time tells the story of a little yellow blob who travels in time after discovering a Time Scrambling Machine. Taking control of our little hero, the player has to traverse the platforms avoiding the nasties throughout. The game is [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 40

Commodore Free issue 40 is available to download now. The retrogaming ezine, which mainly covers the Commodore scene, comes in PDF, HTML, text, D64 (C64 disk image) and SEQ formats. Back issues are all still available from the Commodore Free website. Contents of this issue includes: * Editorial * Readers Comments * NEWS – Commodore 128 Website – X-Pander 3 Coming Soon! – Protovision Update [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 77

Retro Gamer issue 77 hits the publication stores this week, although subscribers will have been enjoying the issue for a week now. Retro Gamer is a UK published retrogaming magazine, but can also be found in select stores around the world. Highlights in this issue include: Prince of Persia cover feature Retroinspection: Sega 32x Let’s All Play: Streets of Rage II Coin-op Capers: Super Hang-On [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 32

Episode 32 of The Retro League is available to download. The Retro League is a weekly retrogaming podcast with news, chat and links. Previous episodes are still available to download from the website. Highlights this episode: News Doom II for Xbox Live Video Games of the Monday Night War Pac-Man 30th Anniversary The Price is Wrong The Amazing Spider-Man Web Of Fire Sega 32X CIB [... read more ...]

Diagonal Ball 2 released on C64

Diagonal Ball 2 is a new game released on the Commodore 64 by development group Avatar (with graphics by Pal of Offence). This is a fiendish little puzzle game that can be downloaded from the Commodore Scene Database. Weblink: