Nintendo Magazine System issue 9 at Out-of-Print Archive

Nintendo Magazine System issue 9, June 1993, has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The multi-format Nintendo magazine from EMAP was scanned by Mort, who allowed triverse to re-work the scans for release at OoPA. As well as having a link to the magazine download, the NMS #9 page also has editorial and content details, plus accompanying online articles from the issue. Online articles chosen for [... read more ...]

Survival Horror 101: A Beginner's Guide

As part of the Beginner’s Guide over at, a rather spiffy Survival Horror guide has been produced. Presented by Ack – who has worked on Retroaction a few times, so you know it’s quality writing – the guide traces the history of the genre, the term “Survival Horror” and, of course, the games. Check it out. Weblink: Survival Horror 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Lotek64 Issue 33

Lotek64 issue 33 has been released. The quarterly German magazine contains news, articles and reviews on all things retrogaming. Highlights this issue includes: Terminator – over 25 years of Terminator gaming. Maniac Mansion Gold – a revamped C64 classic C64 Planet Steam – from the computer game and board game back to the oldies? Soft Adventures machine – adventures on Nintendo DS and much more…   [... read more ...]

C&A Fan issue 6

Issue 6 of C&A Fan (aka Commodore & Amiga Fan) has been released and features some 99 pages of content. C&A Fan is a Polish retrogaming ezine which, as the title suggests, focuses on the C64 and Amiga. The issue can be downloaded in low and/or high quality PDF. Content in this issue includes: Features News Interview with Black Box designer History of the Amiga, [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 31

The Retro League podcast episode 31 – Retro Game Hoedown has been released. The Retro League is a weekly podcast that looks at retrogaming news, websites, the people, the games and more. Previous episodes are also available to download from the website. Highlights this episode include: News Last Halo 2 player leaves Xbox Live Classic Game Fest Price is Wrong auctions Treamcast Atari 2600 lot [... read more ...]

Retrogaming RoundUp podcast 19

Retrogaming RoundUp podcast episode 19 – By Idiots For Idiots has been released. The monthly podcast features discussion and news on all manner of retrogaming delights. The episode, and outtake files, can be found at the Retrogaming RoundUp website, along with previous releases. Highlights of episode 19 includes: The Video Game Crash Part 1 – (00:00) Interview From SC3 – (10:30) Guinness Gaming Records – [... read more ...]

The Retro League episode 30

A quick catch up on The Retro League releases as episode 30 – Top 10 of the 1990′s part 2 was released last week. The Retro League is a weekly podcast that looks at retrogaming news, websites, the people, the games and more. This episode includes the conclusion to the Top 10 games of the 1990s, the 20th anniversary celebration of the Game Genie and [... read more ...]

Back in Time: May 1990

            Turrican arrived on the Commodore 64 to critical praise, Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters escaped from the arcades onto the home micros, players were stumbling around in the dark with Castle Master, lots of fun was had across multiple formats with Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’ Fun, Player Manager kicked all the other 16-bit management games into the [... read more ...]

Racketboy Podcast 11 – Live @ TooManyGames

The Racketboy podcast features interviews and soundtracks from the world of Retrogaming. This edition of the podcast was recorded live at the TooManyGames convention in Reading, PA. Highlights for this episode include: (Outrun Intro – Mega Drive/Genesis) (Dave’s Intro (Kid Icarus Intro – NES) (Interview with Thomas Sansome, Video Game Trader Magazine (After Burner III theme – Sega CD) (Interview with Joe LeVan, Challenge Arcade [... read more ...]

Barney Redux released on C64

Coming away from the recent Sideways SEUCK compo 2010 in fourth, Barney has now received the redux treatment. The game, which was developed by wile coyote of Cosine, has you in control of a cowfish who traverses the perils of the seas to make his way back to his coral reef home where his other half, Hannah, waits. The redux version of the game can [... read more ...]

Sideways SEUCK compo 2010 results

At the beginning of the year we reported that The New Dimension were hosting a Sideways SEUCK (Shoot-’em-up Construction kit) game making competition for the Commodore 64 platform. The games were produced and entered by various SEUCK specialists. The judges made their comments and the results have now been announced. 1) Taking first place is Pour Le Merite (For Merit) from Bamse. The game takes [... read more ...]

Knight Lore remake

“The original Knight Lore is considered by many as a true classic game…” Yes, I’m quoting myself here. “Developed and released by Ultimate Play the Game on the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, and the BBC in 1984,” the game was updated with a version for the MSX2 (released last year and was reviewed in issue 3 of Retroaction), we now have an updated remake for [... read more ...]

The Retro League Episode 29

The Retro League Episode 29 – Crack that Whip! podcast has been released. This week, the guys “discuss the Nimrod, hidden characters in SF2′s SNES box art, Raiden 2 for the TG-16, and the Retrode.” The weekly retrogaming podcast’s highlights include: News Links Real face of Mario Cure for Virtual Boy headaches PIXELS: Retro Gamers on youtube Newest Boy Scout badge Final Fantasy 5 and [... read more ...]

Together Retro Game Club: X-Com UFO Defense

This is a fine feature and has been running over at Racketboy for some time now, but I felt paricularly compelled to check out the choice of game this time. UFO: Enemy unknown (aka X-Com UFO Defence) is the game chosen this time and was developed by Julian Gollop, who happened to produce one of my own fave games of all time, and the predecessor [... read more ...]

Superfly DX released on Atari Jaguar

Recently announced at the recent Outline 2010 event, Reboot has produced a new game called Superfly DX on the Atari Jaguar. The side scrolling shooter is available as a free download, but a CD-ROM box packaged release can be ordered from the developer’s website (link below). For the download and more information on the game, visit the developer’s website.