Sega Saturn Magazine 36 at Out-of-Print Archive

The 36th issue of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine from October 1998 has been released over at magazine preservation website Out-of-Print Archive. The cult magazine from EMAP was scanned, edited and compiled by meppi. Accompanying online articles include an interview with Yuji Naka, an interview with AM#1′s general manager Rikiya Nakagawa, an interview with Capcom’s general producer Noritaka Funamizu, a Guardian Force feature and Arcade [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer 76

The 76th issue of Retro Gamer hits the UK stores and subscribers doormats this week.  Although published in the UK, the retrogaming magazine is also available through select stores across the world.  Highlights this issue includes: Game Room cover feature Godlen Axe franchise feature The Making of… Strider The Making of… Vib Ribbon The Making of… Rogue Retroinspection: Apple II Classic Game: Chrono Trigger From [... read more ...]

The Retro League podcast 28

Episode 28 of The Retro League has been released. The Retro League is a weekly podcast that looks at retrogaming news, websites, the people, the games and more. Previous episodes are also available to download from the website. Highlights this episode include: News Classic Controller Pro for the Wii Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the 360 Nolan Bushnell rejoins Atari Miyamoto autographed NES 3D Dot Game [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Roundup podcast 18

Retro Gaming RoundUp is a monthly podcast featuring news, interviews and disussions on all areas of retrogaming. Previous editions are also still available to download from the website. Retrogaming Roundup podcast number 18 “Rings Around Uranus” has been released. Number 18 includes various news, interviews and discussions on retrogaming. Check out the show notes for a full rundown of contents and out take links. # [... read more ...]

Gloop Troops released on ZX Spectrum

The Little Shop of Pixels (aka Andrew Oakley and Simon Franco) have released Gloop Troops on the ZX Spectrum.  With one or two players, your aim is to gather up the stars scattered across the platform levels.  The game can be downloaded from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink: Gloop Troops on WoS

Heart Stealer released on ZX Spectrum

Another new ZX Spectrum game released courtesy of Timmy and Mister Beep. Heart Stealer is a classic style platforming romp with the aim of collecting hearts. The game can be downloaded from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink: Heart Stealer at WoS

Nintendo Magazine System issue 5 at Out-of-Print Archive

Nintendo Magazine System issue 5 from February 1993 has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The release was scanned and edited by meppi. Online articles to accompany the release include Bionic Commando (Game Boy), Dig Dug (Game Boy), Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo) and Cybernator (Super Nintendo). Full details of the issue and online articles can be found at the NMS #5 webpage at Out-of-Print Archive. Weblink: [... read more ...]

Retro League Episode 27

The Retro League is a weekly podcast that looks at retrogaming news, websites, the people, the games and more. The guys were busy this week (don’t we know how that feels), so to fill out this release, they added some outtakes from episodes 5-10. Virtually Retro Zaxxon Arcade for the Wii Games of the Week Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie for the Super Famicom 3-D World Runner [... read more ...]

Dead On Time tape version released at Psytronik

Dead on Time, a fantastic looking Amstrad CPC shoot-’em-up from the makers of Star Sabre, has now been released on tape courtesy of Psytronik. The game involves the player staying alive as long as possible while attacking aliens in the arcade mode with a points scoring challenge in the score challenge mode. Full details of the game can be found at the Dead on Time [... read more ...]

Support magazine preservation projects, not eBay scammers

Have you noticed that magazine scan DVD sellers seem to be breeding on eBay?  We have and are really getting sick of it all.  These magazines remain copyrighted to the original publisher, whether they are still around or not, and they are definitely not “public domain” as one seller has laughably stated.  The real kick here is that these scans are not even the work [... read more ...]

MAXIMUM issue 6 at Out-of-Print Archive

Issue 6 of MAXIMUM – the multiformat magazine edited by Richard Leadbetter – has been released over at Out-of-Print Archive and what a fine cover to go with a games packed issue. The release was scanned, edited and compiled by meppi, who also had the hard choice of picking four articles to accompany the magazine. The four online articles chosen are the MAXIMUM close-up: Panzer [... read more ...]

Rubikon released on C64

A Rubiks Cube style puzzle game called Rubikon has been released on the C64 by developers Falcon Soft. Coded by Hamar with graphics done by Mitchell, the game can be downloaded for free from the Falcon Soft website, along with their previous releases. Weblink:

Commodore Free Issue 39

Issue 39 of Commodore Free is out and it’s a special nostalgia edition, with memoirs from the likes of john Fielden, Peter Badrick, Chris Syntichakis, Shaun Bebbington, Charles J. Gutman and Commodore Free. Commodore Free is a monthly retrogaming magazine that comes in PDF, HTML, SEQ, Text, .DSK (C64 disk image) and features news, reviews and interviews involving the Commodore scene (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, C16). [... read more ...]

Ghost Castle released on ZX Spectrum

Ghost Castle is a ZX Spectrum puzzle game from CodenameV with graphics by BiNMaN. The game, which was presented at the recent Retro Rewind 2010 fair, has a classic platform feel to it, described as a cross between Chip’s Challenge and Sokoban. The game can be downloaded for free from the World of Spectrum website. Weblink:

Kyd Cadet released on ZX Spectrum

Kyd Cadet is an arcade maze type game where you have to search an abandoned moon mine to refuel your ship. The game was developed by Paul Jenkinson using the Arcade Game Designer software written by Jonathan Cauldwell. Following feedback on the game, Paul has updated it and is now at version 1.2. Kyd Cadet can be downloaded directly from the link below. Weblink: