Racketboy Podcast #9

Racketboy Podcast Episode 9 – PAX East Retro-Roundup Part 1 has been released.  In this episode we have interviews with Gary Vincent (from The American Classic Arcade Museum), Stewart Nacht (from CheapAssgamer CAGCAST), Joe Santulli (from Digital Press) and Jamie (from Game Underground).  The podcast file and more details can be found at RetroGaming with Racketboy’s webpages (link below). Weblink:  Racketboy Podcast Episode 9

Commodore Free issue 38

Commodore Free issue 38 has been released. Commodore Free is a monthly retrogaming magazine that comes in PDF, HTML, SEQ, Text, .DSK (C64 disk image) and features news, reviews and interviews involving the Commodore scene (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, C16). Highlights of the issue include…

The Retro League episode 23 - Lags R Us

The Retro League is a weekly podcast featuring discussion, interviews and news on all things retrogaming. Each episode brings us the regular segments of Virtually Retro, The Price is Wrong and Games of the Week. Previous episodes are also available for download at the website. This week’s content includes:

Retro Gaming RoundUp 17

Retro Gaming RoundUp is a monthly podcast featuring news, interviews and disussions on all areas of retrogaming. Previous editions are also still available to download from the website (link below). Content this month includes:

Mean Machines issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

This week, Out-of-Print Archive present a brand new scan of the very first of the legendary UK magazine Mean Machines, which was published by EMAP during the 1990s. The October 1990 issue was scanned and edited by meppi and can be found at the MM1 page, along with the following online reviews: Bionic Commando (NES), Wonderboy III (Master System), Double Dragon II (NES) and Truxton [... read more ...]

CPC Oxygen Phase II

You may remember the excellent CPC Oxygen online magazine from a few years ago and the re-launched site at cpcoxygen.fxwebdevelopment.com.  Well, CPC Oxygen Phase II has now arrived; making full use of WordPress features, meaning any CPC fan can contribute articles to the site.  There’s also the Amstrad Action archive, which links back to the old site, so go check it out, contribute some articles [... read more ...]

LV-426 (Aliens remake)

Aliens was arguably the best of the sci-fi film series — certainly, the most action packed — so it’s great to see the remake of the best game that was based on this film get updated to version 1.5.  Everyone should know the plot — which happens to take place on a planet called LV-426 — so I won’t repeat it here…  Suffice to say [... read more ...]

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

At the recent RetroMadrid fair, Relevo Videogames presented a new game for MSX and ZX Spectrum called Invasion of the Zombie Monsters.  This B-Movie style title is a great looking arcade shooter that will be available to purchase in physical form from Matranet and will later be available in download emulator format.  More details can be found at the Relevo Video Games website. Weblink: http://www.relevovideogames.com/2010/03/invasion-of-zombie-monsters.html

Nintendo Magazine System issue 4 at Out-of-Print Archive

Nintendo Magazine System issue 4 from January 1993, courtesy of Mort – who kindly donated the scans – and triverse, who edited them. To accompany the release, OoPA have provided online material from the magazine, including reviews of Alien 3 and Lemmings on the Game Boy, Bucky O’Hare for the NES and Push Over for the Super NES. All the articles and full download of [... read more ...]

Orion Prime now in English and Spanish

The time has finally come.  The French speakers of the world have already had the chance to play this fantastic game, but now orders are being taken for the English and Spanish versions – as well as the aforementioned French version.  Orders for Orion Prime are available until the end of April, when it will stop, and download versions will be available at the end [... read more ...]

NintendoAge vol 4, issue 3 (March 2010)

The March 2010, Volume 4 Issue 3, of NintendoAge is now available to download. The monthly e-Zine covers everything Nintendo and the PDF can be downloaded for free (following a quick registration, if you aren’t already). This month’s content includes: Captain’s Chair: Game Boy FinNESt Literature Member Spotlight: Custom NES Guy The Ecstasy of Order: King of Blocks? Dargon Quest I & II Price Guide [... read more ...]

Hugh Gollner interview at Out-of-Print Archive

Not only did Out-of-Print Archive receive permission to work on all Hugh Gollner’s back catalogue of videogaming magazines but they got an exclusive interview with the man himself. To accompany the official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 2, OoPA spoke to Hugh about his publishing career, which included editing/publishing many innovative magazines from the 1980s and 1990s. Check out the link below for [... read more ...]

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

Big news this week at Out-of-Print Archive, as the first official release is announced with the second issue of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming a fantastic underrated magazine of its time. Fittingly, this milestone release was worked on by all the main contributors over at Out-of-Print Archive. Online articles chosen for the release include reviews of Gleylancer, Magical Tarot, Thunderforce IV and Twinkle Tale. Check out [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 74

Issue 74 of Retro Gamer has just been released in the shops across the UK. Retro Gamer is a commercial UK magazine dedicated to retrogaming and can be picked up around the world at select stores. Highlights in this issue include: Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise cover feature Joystick feature Double Dragon feature The Making of… Tapper The Making of… Xor The Making of… Spy Vs [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 70

Issue 70 of Retrogaming Time Monthly is out now. The monthly html e-zine contains articles, reviews and news on all manners of retrogaming. The March 2010 edition is available online now at the RTM website. Highlights this issue include: Lunch With Howard Kistler Press Play On Tape – Today Fiumaccio, Tomorrow Atlantis! Retro What If…? A Pixilated Commentary The Many Faces Of…Gauntlet Vectrexenstein – Solar [... read more ...]