Official Sega Saturn Magazine 34 released at Out-of-Print Archive

Out-of-Print Archive continues their impressive run of Official Sega Satrun Magazine releases with issue 34 from August 1998. Once again, the release is courtesy of meppi, who scanned, edited and compiled the release. You can check out the issue’s details at the OSSM34 page, along with the accompanying online articles from the magazine itself: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Radiant Silvergun features, as well [... read more ...]

NintendoAge Volume 4 Issue 2 (February 2010)

NintendoAge is now available to download. The monthly e-Zine covers everything Nintendo and the PDF can be downloaded for free (following a quick registration, if you aren’t already). The e-zine has undergone a re-design this issue, with new layout artist Aquanistic (Alex) joining the NintendoAge team, so pop into the NintendoAge forums to let them know your thoughts on the new look. This month’s content [... read more ...]

Computer & Video Games issue 170 at Out-of-Print Archive

This week, Out-of-Print Archive release Computer & Video Games issue 170 from January 1996. This is the third issue into Paul Davies’ Editorship of the magazine, and things are slowly moving towards the big re-launch. As usual, the release is a quality 1920 pixel, which was scanned and edited by meppi. The magazine can be found at the CVG170 page on the OoPA website, along [... read more ...]

Viaje al Centro de la Napia released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another ZX Spectrum release from the Mojon Twins.  As the Mojon Twins explain, the title – which is in Spanish – is a play on a Spanish game by Topo Soft called Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, which roughly translates to “A journey to the Centre of the Nose”.  This time, the player controls Miguelito, who is inside his own skull searching for [... read more ...]

Classic Video Gamer Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3 of Classic Video Gamer Magazine (Winter 2009) is available to purchase in digital PDF form for $1.95.  There is a special preview download available to readers who wish to get a taste of the issue.  Issue 3′s retrogaming content includes: Cover Feature: Rush Rush Rally Racing for Sega Dreamcast & Zaku for Atari Lynx NWCE 2009 Show Report Review: Review: Last Hope Pink [... read more ...]

Nintendo Magazine System issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

Out-of-Print Archive release this week is Nintendo Magazine System issue 2 from November 1992. This issue was kindly donated to Out-of_Print Archive by Mort and edited by triverse. The magazine can be found at the NMS2 page on the main OoPA website, along with the accompanying online reviews: King Arthur’s World and Spindizzy Worlds for the SNES, and Parasol Stars and Super Mario Land 2 [... read more ...]

Cheril of the Bosque released on ZX Spectrum

Yet another game from The Mojon Twins.  This ZX Spectrum games sees the player take control of Cheril, an everyday common girl, who just happens to hunt panthers with her bare teeth.  However, she wishes for more and heads off to London to live in the city.  This means platform high jinks and collecting nuts.  The game’s full story, screenshots and download link are all [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 73

Issue 73 of Retro Gamer has just been released in the shops across the UK. Retro Gamer is a commercial UK magazine dedicated to retrogaming and can be picked up around the world at select stores. Highlights in this issue include: Ultimate’s Sabreman feature Durell, developer interview Martyn Brown (co-founder of Team 17) interview The Making of… Simon The Making of… Return Fire The Making [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 69

Issue 69 of Retrogaming Time Monthly is out now. The monthly html e-zine contains articles, reviews and news on all manners of retrogaming. The february 2010 edition is available online now at the RTM website. Highlights this issue includes: WApple II Incider – A Tribute To Joe Kohn Press Play On Tape – Please Wait 10 Minutes The Homebrew Sleuth: Atari 2600 Seawolf Mutated Output: [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 36

Commodore Free issue 36 has been released. Commodore Free is a monthly/bi-monthly retrogaming magazine that comes in PDF, HTML, SEQ, Text, .DSK (C64 disk image) and features news, reviews and interviews involving the Commodore scene (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, C16). Highlights of the issue are shown below…                  Commodore news Cloanto Update Amiga and C64 forever Bubbler found for the C64 Commodore at work [... read more ...]