C & A Games issue 1

Issue one of a new Polish magazine, C & A Games is out now. From the makers of C & A Fan, this flashy designed new zine covers old and new games on the Commodore machines. The first issue comes with a supplement game, Knoorki, which is the focus for this issue, including an interview with the coder, and other extras. The PDF archived magazine, [... read more ...]

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 30 at Out-of-Print Archive

Out-of-Print Archive release this week is issue 30 of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine from April 1998. This release was scanned, edited and released by meppi. As usual, the release comes with a rundown of the issue’s details and contents, as well as accompanying online articles: Burning Rangers feature, Panzer Dragoon Saga review, X-Men vs Street Fighter review and an interview with Silicon Dreams about [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer issue 72

Issue 72 of Retro Gamer has just been released in the shops across the UK.  Retro Gamer is a commercial UK magazine dedicated to retrogaming and can be picked up around the world at select stores.  Highlights in this issue include: Gradius/Nemesis feature Stephen Crow (Starquake coder) interview Fallout feature The Making of… Frenzy The Making of… Driver The Making of… Bubble Ghost ZX80 Retroinspection [... read more ...]

Amiga Games Making Competition 2009

Due to popular demand among some of the Amiga forums around the net, and to help revive interest in the Amiga retro gaming scene, Underground Arcade decided to host an Amiga Game-Making competition. The competition was held around various Amiga forums just before Christmas, where the entrees had two weeks to produce and upload their work by the 24th December 2009. The only rules were [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly 68 - January 2010 released

Issue 68 of Retrogaming Time Monthly is out now. The monthly html ezine contains articles, reviews and news on all manners of retrogaming. The January 2010 edition (#64) is available online now at the RTM website. Highlights this issue includes: What’s On Tap? Rec.Games.Video.Classic Is! Press Play On Tape: Denial Collection 3 Apple II Incider – Thexder Obscure Output: The Rainbow Goes Digital Dual Perspective [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 32 released

Lotek64 issue 32 has been released. The quarterly German retrogaming magazine, which comes in both print and digital PDF form, contains news, articles and reviews on all things retro, although the C64 does feature prominently. Both print and PDF editions can be found at the Lotek64 website. Highlights this issue includes: Show Report: Hobby + Elektronik 2009 pixel punch: target computer players Death Rally Kick [... read more ...]

DC-UK issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

The second release at Out-of-Print Archive this week is DC-UK issue 2 from October 1999. The Dreamcast magazine was scanned and edited by Arcturius. Online articles that accompany the release include a feature on the Visual Memory Unit for the Dreamcast, reviews for Toy Commander, Power Stone and Speed Devils. Weblink: http://www.outofprintarchive.com/catalogue/dc-uk/DC-UK2.html

Mean Machines Sega issue 17 at Out-of-Print Archive

To start the New Year, Out-of-Print Archive has a double Sega release. First up is Mean Machines Sega issue 17 from March 1994. This release is courtesy of BarbieOnWeed, who scanned and edited the magazine. Online articles to accompany the release include reviews for Lunar the Silver Star on Mega-CD and Sonic 3 on the Mega Drive, a preview special on Streets of Rage 3 [... read more ...]