Sega Saturn Magazine issue 29 at Out-of-Print Archive

This week OoPA release issue 29 of Official Sega Saturn Magazine from March 1998.  As usual, it’s a high quality release from meppi, so go take a look.  Online articles to accompany the release are Panzer Dragoon Saga feature part 2, Grandia, Burning Rangers and Winter Heat. Weblink: Official Sega Saturn Magazine 29

Retro Gamer issue 71

Issue 71 of Retro Gamer is out now.  RG is a dedicated retrogaming magazine from the UK, but can also be picked up worldwide from certain outlets.  This issue’s highlights include: After Burner (Arcade feature) SID chip feature Roger Kean and Oliver Frey (creators of Crash magazine) interview The Making of… Toe Jam & Earl PlayStation retrospection Don’t bother much with contemporary reviews that RG [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 34

Rather belated news that issue 34 of Commodore Free is out (sorry, guys.  I was under the impression that you were out of action until January 2010).  Commodore Free is an ezine dedicated to Commodore computers. Commodore Free is free to download and comes in various formats: PDF, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image.  Highlights in this issue include: Editorial Readers Comments NEWS Welcome [... read more ...]

Stranded goes freeware on Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad

Homebrew coder Bob Smith recently made his Stranded game for the ZX Spectrum available as a free download.  Not only that but Kevin Thacker, who coded the C64 and Amstrad CPC ports, has also followed suit and made these versions available as  free downloads.  Physical cassette versions of the game for all formats can still be purchased from Cronosoft.  Weblink (Spectrum version): Weblink (C64 [... read more ...]

Berzerk remake

We reviewed Martin Piper’s fantastic Berzerk Redux on the C64 just last issue which received a fantastic overall rating of 89% and now we have Bezerk, again, remade. Developed by deps and ippa, the game can be downloaded for free from ippa’s website. Also, make sure to visit the Berzerk thread at Retro Remakes and even pass on your thoughts (preferably on the game). Weblink [... read more ...]

Maximum issue 5 available at OoPA

Maximum issue 5 has been re-scanned, re-edited and released at Out of Print Archive.  Maximum was an undeservedly short lived mid 1990s multi platform magazine from EMAP (publishers of classic magazines such as C&VG, Mean Machines and Official Sega Saturn Magazine) which was edited by Richard Leadbetter and designed by Gary Harrod.  Online articles to accompany this release include AOU Arcade Show 1996 special, Alien [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 67 Christmas 2009

Retrogaming Times Monthly has released its 67th issue with a Christmas 2009 edition.  The monthly HTML zine covers computer and console videogaming with articles, reviews and more.  Issue 67 highlights: High Score Monthly! Profile Christmas Memories From The Golden Era 1982: The Best Christmas Ever Fooling The Stores: A 1984 Guide To Videogame Return Policies Apple II Incider – My Apple II Wishlist Pitfall!: A [... read more ...]

Dr. Pill released on MSX

Infinite submitted their game entry right on time for the MSXDEV’09 competition. Dr. Pill is a simulation game that takes place in a doctor’s office where the player deals with infections, symptoms and pills. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Stray Cat released on MSX

A late entry into the MSXDev’09 competition from developer Imanok. Stray Cat is a run-’n’-jump platform game with the goal of getting the cat, Flash, to his date with the cutest kitty at downtown. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Retaliot released on MSX

Retaliot is another space shoot-’em-up entry into the MSXDev9 competition, this time courtesy of Video Hazard (with Madonna MK 2 on lead). This is a MegaROM game follow up to Seleniak with extra attention given to graphics and scrolling techniques. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Menace released on MSX

In a distant galaxy, far far away… No, it’s not a Star Wars game, but rather Menace, a retro style space shoot-’em-up. Developed by TNI, this is their submission to the MSXDev’09 games competition. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

British Bob released on MSX

RELEVO Videogames have completed their entry into the MSXDEV’09 competition with British Bob. This is a classic style platform game where the game’s character, Bob, has been called in to save the day: recover tea biscuits that have been stolen by a gang of thieves. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

X0rz released on MSX

As the deadline for the MSXDev’09 games development competition fast approached, a flurry of game entries were submitted at the last hour. First up is X0rz, a puzzle game developed by Vampier & Hydragon.  The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the following link. Weblink: ]]>

Cow Abductors released on MSX

Cow Abductors is developer Paxanga Soft’s unannounced entry into the MSXdev’09 games competition.  As the title might suggest, this horizontal abduct-’em-up has the player controlling an alien spaceship as it goes around beaming onboard unsuspecting cows.  The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>