Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 65

The longest running zine must surely be Retrogaming Times Monthly, which has now notched up its 65th issue, and with 80 issues of its predecessor, Retrogaming Times, comes to 145 (1997-present). The monthly HTML zine covers all computer and console gaming with articles, reviews, and more. Issue 65 is a special Halloween special with including such highlights as:  High Score Monthly! – Frankenstein’s Monster The [... read more ...]

GLBasic Board Games Competition 2009

GLBasic (which is “an easy to learn, fast to write, and flexible language for programming”) has announced the Board Game Competition for 2009. The competition, which officially started on 1 October 2009, will run for three months, ending on 12 January 2010. The rules of the competition state that the game must be a computer version of an existing board game, be freeware, exclusive to [... read more ...]

SCACOM issue 14

SCACOM (Stefans Commodore Amiga Computer Online Museum) is the name of a Commodore magazine that began in 2007. While the English edition lasted four issues, the German version is still running after 14 issues.  The German version is bi-monthly and is available to download in archive or PDF format. Issue 14 highlights: News C64 Emulation on Nintendo DS Giana Sisters on the DS C65 Second [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 31 (October 2009)

Lotek64 is a German language zine for classic game consoles and home computers, with a slight emphasis on the Commodore 64. Lotek64 was first published in 2002, is released quarterly, and is released in print format before the PDF version is made available. Both editions can be found at Lotek64′s website… Issue 31 highlights: Newsticker Eye of the Beholder / C64: Interview with JackAsser Knight [... read more ...]

Foursprinter (Spectrum development tool) released

Not content with appearing in every issue of Retroaction with quality games, The Mojon Twins have now released a development tool called Foursprinter 1.0. This tool helps developers of ZX Spectrum games with the creation of 16 x 16 sprites. According to the press release, Foursprinter is compact, fast and synchronised with the electronic beam on the screen to avoid flicker. The package also comes [... read more ...]