MEGA issue 16 available at OoPA

Issue 16 of MEGA (an early 1990s Mega Drive/Mega CD publication from Future Publishing) has been scanned and edited by someone called Nreive.  Yes, this author took a couple of weeks away from editing/designing Retroaction to finally complete the arduous task of scanning and editing my first release for Out-of-Print Archive (a magazine preservation project).  “Why start with issue 16?” you may well ask.  Well, [... read more ...]

The Wild Bunch released on C64

After a wait of over 20 years, The Wild Bunch finally arrives on the C64.  Programmer Jon Wells began the C64 conversion of this Spectrum and Amstrad classic back in 1987, but had to put the project on hold.  Thankfully, the old disks were retrieved and the game has finally been completed.  The game itself features a plot that wouldn’t look amiss in a classic Sergio [... read more ...]

Zaku released on Atari Lynx

Zaku is a shoot-’em-up for the Atari Lynx handheld gaming console.  Developed by PenguiNet and published by Super Fighter Team, Zaku is the first new Lynx game to be released on the system since the machine’s demise.  The game comes with authentic production values used by Atari themselves, including game card with plastic shell, cardstock box and colour instruction manual.  For more info and ordering [... read more ...]

Realms of Quest III (freeware version) released on VIC-20

The freeware version of Realms of Quest III on the VIC-20 has been released on the Psytronik website.  This is a fully working version of the superb RPG game developed by Ghislain and can be played in its entirety.  The commercial version of the game is due to be released soon and will feature extra features such as a printed game manual, inlay artwork, an [... read more ...]

Retroaction needs you

To enable the magazine to be produced more quickly, as well as ensuring a balanced content, we are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions: Staff Writer (someone who can contribute to at least one of the following per issue: one-off article, regular article, interview, etc.). Games Reviewer (some who can write up at least one review per issue on homebrew games – [... read more ...]

Computer & Video Games issue 168 at OoPA

Issue 168 (November 1995) is very important in the timeline of Computer & Video Games magazine (a.k.a. CVG) as this was the first time that Paul Davies appeared as Editor, changing the face of the publication into one of the finest ever.  Of course, he took over half way through this issue, and the major re-design and new staff members were a few issues off, [... read more ...]

NintendoAge October 2009 issue released

NintendoAge, volume 3 issue 10, October 2009 is now available.  NintendoAge, which started in 2007, is a free monthly e-zine that focuses on everything Nintendo.  Most of its content is produced by the Nintendo community and features articles, interviews, the NintendoAge price guide, and much more.  The PDF issue is available to download from their website (requires log-in or a quick registration for new users, [... read more ...]

Platformer Medley Block #1

Another new game release from the Mojon Twins, this time for the Amstrad CPC.  Platformer Medley Block #1 is a platform game featuring supermarket cashier girl Mari Stormbringer.  After munching on n&n’s, which have been polluted due to faulty alcaline batteries nearby, Mari is transported to a strange 2D dimension.  Help Mari return back to her own dimension.  The game can be downloaded in CPC DSK [... read more ...]

GamesMaster Live TV now on YouTube

Feeling a bit disappointed by the absence of our usual GamesMaster Lookback coverage in the latest issue of Retroaction?  Then head over to GamesMaster Live TV where you can watch video clips of any of the seven series’ episodes.  Also check out the GM Live website where you will find everything you need to about the best video games TV show ever, including background history [... read more ...]

Gorf released on GBA

Gorf is a GameBoy Advance conversion of Midawy’s 1981 arcade game and has now received its final update from coder Jess Ragan.  The game is a shoot-’em-up with the simple goal of destroying all enemies.  The player controls a spaceship that is able to move around the screen slowly. Weblink: ? ]]>

Holy Hell released on GBA

Holy Hell is a puzzle / shoot-’em-up hybrid type game from genecyst for the GameBoy Advance.  You guide a spaceship through the levels, using the four available coloured weapons to finish each level by chaining blocks of the same colour.  Each weapon destroys blocks of the same colour only, so you need to use the appropriate coloured weapon for each block.  Weblink: ]]>

Retro # 13 released

Retro is a multi-format retrogaming magazine from Germany, which also comes with coverage of film and music.  Launched in 2007, the magazine is available in print form for 6.95 EUR (with free shipping), while back issues are available in PDF format on a CD-ROM, which is also available to purchase. Content in issue 13 includes: BLEEP BEEP BANG (an in-depth look at computer and video [... read more ...]

iLogicAll released on Amstrad CPC

Released on the ZX Spectrum some time ago, iLogicAll has now been released for the Amstrad CPC by ESP Soft. The game’s story involves helping a small bee called MariBee become the hive’s new queen. To do this the player has to solve Picross-style logic puzzles to reveal the background image. The game can be downloaded in CDT (tape image) or DSK (CPC disk image) [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 3 feedback

It’s been a few weeks since we released issue 3 and I’ve managed to get some info on how the issue has been received. Downloads have been at a steady rate since release and we are just shy of 2,000. A long way from issue 1′s download figures of 5,000 (within the same period) but still decent. A lot of the big sites that helped [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer load 69

Retro Gamer is a dedicated retrogaming magazine from the UK, but can also be picked up worldwide. Issue 69 (a.k.a. Load 69) is full of content like the following… Making of… Syndicate with Sean Cooper (Lead Designer) Final Fantasy: The Complete Story Retro Tube Retroinspection – Sega Nomad Classic Game – Kung Fu Master Coin-Op Capers – Space Harrier Retro Evolution – Alien Vs Predator [... read more ...]