Retro Fusion magazine returns

Retro Fusion was a printed multimedia retro magazine that not only featured a healthy dose of retrogaming but also included articles on retro films and retro TV. Issue zero was launched back in December 2005, with issues 1 and 2 being released throughout Gamstation stores across the UK in 2006. However, the publication was cruelly cut short and hasn’t been seen or heard of since, [... read more ...]

OLD!GAMER issue one released

OLD!GAMER (a Brazil retro mag) was finally launched in the past week. Issue one highlights include a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, “Damsels in Danger” article, Atari, article, Phatasmagoria article, Street Fighter II and Crono Trigger. OLD!GAMER is written in Portuguese, comes in a glossy printed paper and can be picked up for $ 14.90 (in and around Brazil, no doubt). There’s a nice write [... read more ...]

ASCIIpOrtal (Portal demake) released

ASCIIpOrtal is a demake of Valve’s Portal and the binary files can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux formats. Developed by Joe Larson (with sound design by Steve Fenton), the game has you negotiating puzzle invested test chambers by using a hand-held portal device to teleport across areas of the map. The goal is to safely reach an exit, while avoiding such obstacles as [... read more ...]

Out of Print Archive goes 2.0

Following the successful launch of their website with the Dreamcast special feature, Out-of-Print Archive have launched 2.0 of the website. The blueprints for an excellent preservation website are now in place and it can only get better. The main page features news, then there’s the features section (where the fantastic Dreamcast tribute now resides), the reviews section (super clear mag scans of game reviews), interviews, [... read more ...]

GR9 Strike Force released on C64

Developed by Cosine at the recent Retro Reunited event, GR9 Strike Force is a shoot-’em-up on the Commodore 64. Your mission is to go into enemy territory and take out their land and air defences, paving the way for your ground forces to move in. Plans are already in place for an update, so keep an eye on Cosine’s website for further news. Weblink: [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 33 released

Commodore Free is an ezine dedicated to Commodore computers. Commodore Free is free to download and comes in various formats: PDF, HTML, TXT, SEQ and D64 disk image. The publication has been given a make over for issue 33, with a re-design of the layout, giving it a new fresh look. Highlights in this issue include: NEWS Interview With Marshall Alexander Commodore64 Ringtones Geos & [... read more ...]

Classic Video Gamer Magazine issue 2 released

Issue 2 of Classic Video Gamer Magazine is available to purchase in digital form for $1.95. There is a special preview download available to readers who wish to get a taste of the issue. While you’re at the ClassicVGM website, why not take out a subscription for the printed version? Issue 2 has 50 pages of retrogaming content including: Cover Feature:  Beggar Prince for Sega [... read more ...]

We’ve had our ups and downs during the past few months (Gnome is away on mandatory military service, and new staff and contributors have came in), but issue 3 of Retroaction is finally here. Coming in at 88 pages, 26mb, and full of the features, interviews and reviews you would expect from us, I believe that we’ve produced one of our best issues yet. A [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 3

      Features: On the Cutting Edge of Sci Fi Adventuring: Blade Runner. Ghostbusters: Through the Ages.  With Ghostbusters getting a current-gen update, we thought this was the perfect time to look back at the various games, ports, remakes, and sequels. Retrozines: Retrogaming enthusiasts have been creating their own zine publications for over 20 years. We racked our memories and hunted around the ‘net to [... read more ...]

Retro Gamer load 68 out now

Yes, load (or issue) 68 is out now. And what delights does this four weekly commercial retrogaming mag have? The highlight, for me anyway, is the Let’s All Play feature, which features a familiar name amongst the Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker banter. There’s also the interview with Gary Bracy, of Ocean Software fame, a look into the Ultima series, a look back at Asteroids (with Ed [... read more ...]

Out Of Print goes live

I’m a great fan of old computer and videogaming magazines, so I was delighted to hear the news that Out Of Print (a Classic videogaming magazine preservation) was created. To me (and to many retrogamers, I would think), classic magazines were as important to me as the games themselves. You may have lost many of the magazines you had, but you can relive them again [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 64

Retrogaming Times Monthly (RTM) is a great little on-line mag, which has been running for 144 issues (if you count the original incarnation of Retrogaming Times). The monthly zine consists of reviews, news, as well as some long time regular features. Issue 64 is now online and highlights from the September 2009 issue include: Movies with a Byte: “Joystick” The Legend Of Trash Truck All [... read more ...]