Ghost N Zombies released on ColecoVision

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is one of my all time fave arcade games, so it’s great to see anything related or inspired by it. Ghost N Zombies is a ColecoVision game developed by J-P Meola (a.k.a. youki) and is slated for a Fall 2009 release. The game can be pre-ordered by visiting the Collectorvision website, where you can find more details about the game and other [... read more ...]

Orion Prime released on Amstrad CPC

After reporting on the fantastic Orion Prime teaser in issue 2‘s news pages, it has been announced that the game is now finished and available to purchase on 3″ or 3.5″ disk from the Orion Prime website. Although, the game is in French, there are plans to translate the game to English, Spanish, and German. There’s been a lot of excitement building up around various [... read more ...]

Retroaction Stat Attack

Stats, eh? I could sit and stare at stats all day, trying to fathom just what is going on with this website, but I won’t. I have far too many things to do – like finishing off issue 3. Keeping track of Retroaction stats can be quite work intensive, especially considering that issue 1′s stats now stretch over 6 months now (Feb-Jul). So, after thousands of [... read more ...]

C64 Forever brings retro goodness

What is C64 Forever? Well, why try to explain when the official site does it so well? “C64 Forever embodies an intuitive player interface, backed by a built-in database containing more than 5000 C64 game entries, and advanced support for the new RP2 format, dubbed the ‘MP3 of retrogaming’.” If you’ve seen the Amiga Forever package – which you can also get at the C64 [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 31

The Commodore dedicated magazine issue 31 is now available to download for free from the Commodore Free website. Contents this issue includes: Editorial Readers Comments NEWS Interview with Martin Piper Game new review MANKY Interview with MANKY creator Interview with Rob Snyder Meeting Users through The Mail Interview with Pasi Ojala Vic Coder Programming: C (Part 2) Confessions of a BBS Sysop Addict

Your Sinclair #94 tribute special now online

If you don’t know what Your Sinclair is then head over here. The YS tribute issue #94 was originally given away with issue 9 of Retro Gamer in 2004 and hasn’t been seen since. That fabulous Your Sinclair tribute website has pulled out all the stops to make this special issue available online. Not only have the special YS issue DTP archives been converted to [... read more ...]

La Corona Encantada, updated, tweaked and improved

After finishing third in the MSXdev’08 competition and being featured at the recent RetroMadrid, the MSX version of La Corona Encantada has been tweaked, improved, and unleashed onto the retrogaming world with a glorious new download. Yes, these are now the final versions of the game and both the MSX and Spectrum versions can be downloaded from Karoshi Corporation’s website.

Kung Fu II final release

If you read Retroaction issue 1‘s Retro Remakes 2008 competition feature, then you should know all about Kung Fu II – we featured it as one of the games to look out for from the 50-odd games entered into the competition. Well, now the game’s programemr, Gary Gasko, has finished the game and has released a final version for all to download from The Games [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age, Volume 3, Issue 7


Sudoku Master released on Amstrad CPC

Everyone knows what Sudoku is. The Amstrad CPC 6128 game Sudoku Master, however, has been in development since my days on the Amstrad Action tribute magazine. It featured in our news section and in an interview with Olivier Floquet (a.k.a. eliot), the main man behind it all. Well, the game has finally been completed and is available to purchase in 3.5” disk format from Binary [... read more ...]

Game Informer Issue 1 at Retromags

The very first issue of Game Informer has been released over at Retromags. The 16 page premiere mag, which was scanned by Phillyman and edited by triverse, was recently acquired via eBay for $65.50. Games reviewed in this issue include Decap Attack and NHL Hockey for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), and Micro Machines for the NES. Being a small issue, it’s also a small [... read more ...]

ZX Shed Reloaded issue 1

ZX Shed has returned with a new look, a new editor, and a new bi-monthly release schedule. As you’d expect, ZX Shed Reloaded covers all things ZX Spectrum as well as other Sinclair platforms. Issue 1 includes reviews, previews, interviews, tutorials, programmer’s Diary, features, and more. If you are a Sinclair fan, or just a retrogamer in general, then you really should check it out. [... read more ...]

BOH - Retro-flavoured game of exploration and action

While we’re predominantly retro here, we’re not totally ignorant of indie games, especially if they have a retro feel to them, and BOH certainly fits that description. BOH, which is available on AmigaOS 4, MacOS X, and Windows XP/Vista, is an exploration game, mixing action, puzzles, and adventure excellently. With its realistic field of vision gameplay – by default, you only see what is in [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 62

Issue 62 of Retrogaming Times Monthly is now available at Highlights include: * Moonwalking Into Heaven * Movie’s With A Byte: The Wizard * Lunch With Tim McVey * RTM IShow Report: Funspot XI * On Parallel Universe Theory And The Art Of Cornering * RTM Idiocy: Blissful Ignorance And Dangerous Knowledge (Act 2) * NES’cade – Gun.Smoke * Apple II Incider – California [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 30

A belated May 2009 issue of Commodore Free has been released. Contents: * News * RGCD Cartridge reviews * The Kidal Legacy * DOS65 * Interview with DOS65 creator * Introduction to CPM * CPM Operating system * Worlds greatest menu * CCC UK Forum post cbm 128 * Introduction to C programming Commodore Free webpage