PDROMS competition v4.01

The recent PDROMS competition v4.01 has come to an end and the results are now in. #1 Skipp and Friends (SNES), by Mukunda Johnson, Ken Snyder, Steven Velema and Hubert Lamontagne. 1325 points – Game Card #2 Factory Bots (GBA), by Nicholas Scheltema. 1225 points – Game Card #3 Poomania (GBA), by Metalvotze. 1110 points – Game Card #4 Clem the Retarded Elf 2 (GBA), [... read more ...]

The Push released on C64

A Sideways SEUCK C64 arcade shooter from The New Dimension team (Programming: Anthony Burns, SECUK Redux Code: Martin Piper, and Music: Richard Bayliss). Having been influenced by Golden Axe and Doubel Dragon for their earlier Legion of the Damned series, The New Dimension team have taken inspiration from MERCS this time. The year is 1917 on the Western Front, and you lead a squad of [... read more ...]

Trash Course released on C64

A C64 racing game from The New Dimension, created using Sideways SEUCK by Thorsten Schreck, and features graphics done by Richard Bayliss and Michael Koslowski, and Telespielator. Get to those roads and beat the opposition, or you could jsut blast them away with your rocket launchers. Weblink: Trash Course Gamecard Direct download: Trash Course

Retro Respect: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

It’s been a sad week for the entertainment industry, and indeed the whole world, with the sad passing of Michael Jackson. Paying tribute to MJ, thousands of fans purchased his albums and singles, with most of them re-entering the charts – his Number Ones album has topped the Offical UK Album Chart. Ashamedly, I don’t own any of his albums – I was never really [... read more ...]

Legion of the Damned 2 released on C64

Following on from Legion of the Damned (the fine the Golden Axe inspired sideways SEUCK romp, which gained a very respectable 84% in our second issue, The New Dimension guys have produced a sequel. LotD2 is set one thousand years after the events of the first game where gang warfare is rife. After a particular nasty bloodshed over evil Stryxia’s grave, she is resurrected from [... read more ...]

Nyaaaah! 11 - Special Edition released on C64

The New Dimension web page has recently moved and they have quickly got a couple of C64 games developed in the meantime. The first one being a Special Edition release of their 2008 game, Nyaaaaah! 11. Snodge has to traverse across various deadly levels to rescue his friends from the evil ruler. The Special Edition is an extended version and the old SEUCK engine is [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 61

Issue 61 of the Retrogaming Times Monthly is now online. This month features even more new authors and more articles in what is perhaps their largest issue yet. Highlights from the June 2009 issue includes: Laughing Pixels (Tom Zjaba’s VG comics) High Score Monthly (NEW) Lunch with Paul Zimmerman RTM Idiocy – Blissful Ignorance and Dangerous Knowlege Apple ][ Incider – Computer Baseball (revisited) The [... read more ...]

Knight Lore remade for the MSX2

The original Knight Lore is considered by many as a true classic game, which was the first to use the revolutionary isometric perspective. Developed and released by Ultimate Play the Game on the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, and the BBC in 1984, we now have an MSX2 remake courtesy of Retroworks. As with the original game, the remake sees you controlling Sabreman as he treks [... read more ...]