W*B*H released on ZX Spectrum

W*B*H is an isometric puzzle game from Bob Smith, with the help of a handful of WoSers. The game idea can be found on the internet, but Bob wanted the game to appear on the Spectrum, so here it is. The game involves you tumbling and rolling your way around the levels to get to the exit. Clever use of the level’s switches, teleports, glass, [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly 59

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 59 is available to read online at Retrogamingtimes.com. A handful of the archive issues have also been uploaded, with more to follow. Contents this issue include: 01. Press Fire To Begin 02. Show Report: The Midwest Gaming Classic 03. Show Report: My First Atari Party 04. RTM Idiocy: Reviews And The Idiots Who Respond To Them 05. Apple II Incider – [... read more ...]

Breakpoint 2009

Breakpoint 2009 is essentially a demo party that is held annually in Germany, but there is a Mixed Game Competition that attracts some 8-bit releases such as the recently posted C64 games Fortress of Narzod and Escape of the Rundsporthalle, which came 2nd and 5th respectively. Other competition categories include music, animation/video, graphics, photo, demo, intro, and many more. For the full rundown of all [... read more ...]