Commodore Free issue 28

Commodore Free, issue 28, March 2009 (the free magazine dedicated to all things Commodore), is out now in its usual multiple guises including PDF, text, D64, htm, seq, and prg. Content this issue includes: Revamp D64 magazine Megabit128 review Simon Querhorst Cartridge ByteBack review Readers Code(c16/plus4) 0 Listing of “AATIMER.PRG” In the beginning outro 1 Evolution of FORTH Forth Interest Group Interview with (S.V.F.I.G) Alternate [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 58

Retrogaming Times Monthly has a new website domain to go with the new current issue: After existing for over ten years, the free on-line magazine finally gets its own home. The RTM archives and the original Retrogaming Times issues will be transferred over in the near future as well. There are also plans to index every article written for the magazines, which will make [... read more ...]

Nanako Descends to Hell on Amstrad and Spectrum

Following the release of Phantom Tales # 1: Marsport comes another new Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum 128k release from the Mojo Twins. Nanako Descends to Hell is essentially a classic style adventure game, which you control Nanako in her search for the four parts of a powerful weapon device. More details, including plot, controls, inlay art, downloads, can be found on the Mojo Twins’ [... read more ...]

Evil Magician Returns released on Atari 2600

Evil Magician Returns is a sequel to the Atari 2600 game Adventure, which was released in 1979. Developed by Byte Knight, EMR is based on the character that was mentioned in the Adventure manual. With his dragons now dead, the Evil Magician (with his apprentice at his side) have returned, and have stolen the golden chalice. It’s your mission to track down the Evil Magician [... read more ...]

La Corona Encantada goes commercial

La Corona Encantada is a classic style platform game where the player needs to retrieve 20 golden coins in order to save the ancient country of Hyoth. The game was originally developed for the MSXDev 08 competition by Karoshi Corporation. The game came third in the overall standings, but won the individual awards “Game with the Best Music” and “Game with Better Gameplay”. The game [... read more ...]

K.O. Cruiser released on Atari 2600

K.O. Cruiser is coder Devin’s (aka D. Cook) first homebrew Atari 2600 game and a fine looking one it is too. Taking insiration from the Punch-Out arcade game, Devin started development of the game on the Commodore 64 back in 1986.  However, following the release of Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punchout, Devin decided to ditch the game mid-development. Fortunately, he recently decided to pick up the [... read more ...]

Deathchase released on Dragon/Tandy

It seems that the Spectrum classic 3D Deathchase is a firm favourite among homebrew coders for converting to different platforms. We had the Amstrad CPC version last year, the recent PC remake, and now James McKay has developed a version for the Dragon 32 / Tandy CC 16K platforms. I don’t think the game needs any introduction, so it’s straight to the download, which can [... read more ...]

Home of the Underdogs: It Returns

The original Home of the Underdogs website, founded by Sarinee Achavanuntakul, had been online since 1998 and offered visitors a slew of retro abandonware goodness. The site’s mainstay was its thousands of game archives, which included game summaries, reviews, downloads, manuals, and ratings. Arguably one of the most famous gaming websites of all time, and just like the mighty, it fell quickly with a thud [... read more ...]

Banger Management released on ZX Spectrum

Banger Management is a ZX Spectrum game developed by Jonathan Cauldwell for the Homebrew “Game in a Day” Challenge at the recent Byte Back convention. Using two ideas pitched for the challenge, Rabid Potato Kill Frenzy (the player worked in a chip shop facing waves of mutated potatoes, fish, burgers, and sausages) and Bonehead Billy (the player controls a character by placing blocks around the [... read more ...]

Phantomas Tales #1: Marsport on Amstrad and Spectrum

Rumours of a mythical civilization in space prompt our hero Phantom to have one last raid before retirement. As the sub-title would suggest, the game takes place on Mars with Phantom needing to collect the twenty gold cubic containers hidden away in the mines of Mars. Not ones for wasting any time in getting new games produced, The Mojon Twins emerge from their recent split [... read more ...]

Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman

Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman resembles a classic platform game, but with a difference. It has unique features such as a remote control (which can freeze and rewind time), a familiar user interface for the menu and other useful accessories.Dave: The Ordinary Spaceman, from Lasi Interactive production, is a competition entry for the Gamedev portion of the Assembly 2008 compo. The website (which looks just great) [... read more ...]

Supaplex released on ZX Spectrum

Supaplex was originally released on the Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS platforms in the early 1990s. The Boulderdash clone has now received a ZX Spectrum 128k conversion thanks to Transman and Triumph Game Labs. The main character, Murphy, replaces Rockford, who must collect Infotrons instead of the familiar diamonds, and instead of the familiar dirt found in Boulderdash, Supaplex‘s levels consist of printed circuit boards [... read more ...]

Eternal Light released on Amstrad CPC

Eternal Light is – in the author’s own words – an Amstrad CPC adventure/action game with a mix of Gauntlet and Zelda style graphics. The programmer, Morri, started the project six months ago using Basic and the Sprites Alive software package. The game’s plot involves the main wizard character who must collect ten lanterns (holders of the “eternal light”), while fending off the evil shadow [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 57

After a slight delay, Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 57 (February 2009) has been released. Go to RTM current issue to find articles like NES’cade – Excitebike, Apple ][ Incider - Stargate, Old Wine in New Bottles: Retrogaming on Modern Hardware, and others. Retrogaming Times Monthly (RTM) is a great little monthly on-line mag. RTM - which has been running for 137 issues (if you count [... read more ...]

RGCD issue 5

The long wait is over. RGCD isn’t dead, as many had feared, but it is more alive than ever with possibly its biggest issue yet. Issue #05 (March 2009) is here and contains reviews, previews, and features on a wide rage of retro and indie games. Just a select overview of the 45 articles include reviews for (deep breath) ThrustBurst (the featured game), Qwak, Rock [... read more ...]