2 Minutes RPG

An interesting little game this. 2 Minutes RPG is a free roaming RPG, which was developed by Agustín Pérez Fernández (aka Tembac) for the adva competition. Apparently, you experience almost everything that is entertaining in an RPG in two minutes – as the title suggests. Download link : http://www.tembac.com/games/2-minutes-rpg.zip

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition is available to purchase from GOG.com. With your $5.99 purchase, you not only get a Windows XP/Vista compatible download but a multitude of extras: manual, artwork, Duke SMS tones, hi-res wallpaper, and avatar. The Atomic Edition even includes a fourth bonus episode, new weapon, and enemies. The game itself is considered by many as a humorous take on Doom and [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 1 now available on Issuu

Retroaction issue one is now available to view on-line at Issuu. There are a few reasons why I decided to upload the magazine to Issuu: 1) I have been taking note of feedback around various forums, websites, and incoming emails, concerningissue one – no matter how trivial it may seem. There has been moaning about the size of the downloads (20MB may not seem a [... read more ...]

Ocean Software Profile

A popular software house during the retro hey day, Ocean produced some of the best known arcade conversions and film licences for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC, before moving onto the Atari ST, Amiga, PC, NES, Super NES, Master System, and Mega Drive. Founded by David Ward and Jon Woods in 1983, Ocean (initially called Spectrum Software) was based in Manchester and [... read more ...]

Frogger released on ZX Spectrum

The classic arcade game Frogger has finally been converted to the ZX Spectrum after an amazing 17 year delay. The project originally started in 1992 by Deanysoft and the game has now been released. Although it’s a conversion of the CPC version, there has been a bit of work put into this Speccy conversion. As many will know, the aim of the game is to [... read more ...]

Skyscraper of Doom released on ZX Spectrum

Skyscraper of Doom is a new ZX Spectrum 48K arcade adventure coded by Rafal Miazga. Development of the game initially began in 2005, and it has now been released. The plot involves you escaping from a skyscraper, which is engulfed in flames. The tape images, manual, etc. can be found at the WoS game page.

BeTiled! released on Amstrad CPC

After being available on the ZX Spectrum and MSX platforms since 2007, the Amstrad CPC version of BeTiled! is finally here. Programmed by Zogo, BeTiled! – one of the last CEZ releases – is a colourful puzzle game in a similar style to Columns. As Dr. Cirilus’ assistant, you have to help him take over the world by extracting energy from coloured crystals. This is [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Laser Squad

I still remember how I came about acquiring Laser Squad. I had joined one of those software companies with a special introduction. You know the one: join now for only £10 and receive five free games, or something. Anyway the condition was that you had to buy at least one game per month for the year. I remember not bothering one month and a package [... read more ...]


Spending a lot of time on other things, you tend to miss out on stuff. Free PDF ezines, or instance, or to be more precise PCGZine, 360Zine, P3Zine, et al, at http://www.gamerzines.com/. All published under the same company, these magazines are free and require no registration of any kind. And, apparently, they’ve been publishing these ezines for some time, judging by the back issues page. [... read more ...]

Giddy 3

Giddy 3 is a retro-style remake of the platform game that first appeared on DOS a few years ago, which is a sequel to the original Amiga games (Giddy I and II) produced in the early 1990s. Controlling Giddy, you must solve the many puzzles scattered around the many locations, meet interesting characters, and many weird objects. It’s not a stroll in the park, though, [... read more ...]

From Silver Screen to Computer Screen – Terminator

(An aborted feature originally intended for issue one of Retroaction – it just wasn’t satisfactorily completed.) If the past has taught us anything it’s not to trust hyped up computer games, especially film licences. Virtually every big hit film has been given the home computer treatment. With a hit film behind the licence, games publishers thought that the free movie publicity would guarantee a good [... read more ...]

Rock Boshers (Red Faction Demake)

Rock Boshers is a demake (a remake of a game on older-generation hardware) of the 2001 FPS game Red Faction. Initially developed for the TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition a few months back by Dugan (a.k.a. moogled), it has now received the finishing touches. Using a top-down perspective with Spectrum style graphics, the game includes a single player mode, multiplayer modes, and an unlockable Asteroids style [... read more ...]

GamesMaster - series one, episode one

(For those that want to know how the GamesMaster article finishes – it was cruelly mashed up in the first issue of Retroaction – then here it is.) On Channel 4 at precisely 6:30pm on Tuesday 7th January 1992, something amazing happened for gamers across the UK; a phenomenal piece of gaming history that influenced others to follow in its path. This was, of course, [... read more ...]

Horace Goes Skiing Remake

The classic Spectrum game Horace Goes Skiing has received a remake courtesy of Steven Watson, with help on the graphics by sunteam_paul. The original 1982 game Horace Goes Skiing – part of the famous Horace series – was a spin-off from the Hungry Horace game from the same year. As the title suggests, you must take Horace down the ski slopes. This involves a hazardous [... read more ...]

Retroaction issue 1

   Regulars: Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Battle Plan! Vol. 5. Unfortunately, the arcade is becoming extinct as a gaming platform, so we take a trek back through time – using MAME’s random generator – to relive some of the arcades greatest, worst, and indifferent games. Retro Respect: Jill of the Jungle. We’ve all missed a minor classic during our time. We resurrect the forgotten [... read more ...]